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Баба с возу воза кобыле коню легче Скатертью дорожка

Ссылка на Телеграм-канал для желающих учить правильный разговорный английский:

by Alexander Gasinski
& Olga Bondarenko


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Баба с возу воза кобыле коню легче

1. Баба с возу, кобыле (или) коню легче.

Говорится как о человеке (и не обязательно только о женщине), так и о предмете, которые становятся обузой или лишними в каких-либо жизненных ситуациях. Без них как бы становится гораздо лучше тем, кто произносит эту мудрую русскую пословицу.

One less thing to worry about.

букв. На одну вещь (т.е. проблему) меньше волноваться.

Наконец-то наш ненавистный правитель крякнул. Баба с возу, кобыле легче. Теперь люди смогут взять свежий глоток воздуха и надеяться на лучшую жизнь.

At last our hateworthy ruler has croaked. One less thing to worry about. Now the people can take a fresh breath of air and hope for a better life.

2. Баба с возу, кобыле (или) лошади легче.
= Скатертью дорожка!

(It is) A good riddance to (= of) bad rubbish.
= Good riddance!

букв. (Это) хорошее избавление от плохого мусора.
= Хорошее избавление!

Наконец нашего деспотичного начальника уволило его же начальство. И все что мы могли сказать с облегчением - это: "Баба с возу, кобыле легче."

Finally, our autocratic boss was fired by his superiors. All we could say with relief was: "It's a good riddance of bad rubbish."

3. Баба с возу, кобыле легче.

We are better off without you.

букв. Нам намного лучше без тебя.

ЖЕНА: Собирай свои вещи и проваливай отсюда. Баба с возу, кобыле легче. Ты только и думаешь о пьянке. Ты никогда не помогал детям с тех пор, как мы поженились.

WIFE: Pack up your things and hit the road, Jack. We are better off without you. All you think about is booze. You've never helped the childeren ever since we got married.


This ever-actual tale was composed and told by Alexander Gasinski
on September 30, 2019
Moscow, Russia

Once upon a time in cold Russia somewhere in the Urals there lived a happy-go-lucky lad together with his loving mum and kid brother. Unfortunately, the boy's father had long perished. He had once gone on his regular three-day hunting expedition early in spring but he never returned. He must have been eaten by a huge hungry beast. Probably a bear. What a bad luck, indeed, and a great woe to the whole family!

The moment the lad, Ivan by name, reached 20, his mother advised him to get married. The woman loved children and she had been longing to have her own grandkids for quite a while then. Virile Ivan himself felt like getting married at that moment and his mother's advice only spurred his desire. Not hesitating too much, Ivan got shortly married. Moreover, he had already dated a girl for a year or so before. His wife happened to be a lovely girl of 18 years old. How pretty charming she was, way too slender and her beauty was beyond compare! So the newly-married couple moved to another place to live separately from their respective parents. Their household chores were not many. The wife did all the cooking, washing and cleaning the house whereas the husband often went hunting and selling the meat surplus at the local market-place. Whenever time allowed, and it did allow rather often than not, they would make a lot of love, play different games, watch TV and take long walks round the vicinity. Ivan felt on top of the world and he naively thought that such kind of life would go on for ever and ever and nothing would spoil it, but he was gravely wrong... This far, however, Ivan and his lovely wife lived quite happily being free from cares and nothing herolded (= misgave) any trouble.

On the second year of their living together, Ivan confessed to his wife that he would be happy if she bore them a baby. The wife let out a tiny smile, gave Ivan an ardent kiss on the lips and said that she joined her husband's idea. "Then you have to feed me well if you want a healthy baby," she kind of joked. They tried to make more love to have their common wish come true the soonest (= as soon as possible).

Another year went by, but the spouses did not have any baby yet. Ivan's wife started to demand that he (should) make more love to her, buy her better clothes and food. From cradle, she had perfectly learned that cheek brought success. Ivan loved his wife madly and he did almost everything she bade him. At this moment, he could not see his wife's negative traits through yet. Their happy marital life went on smoothly enough.

Three more years were gone, but no baby was turning up. Ivan's worries were increasing while his wife kept on promissing him that any day now she would get pregnant and they would shortly have either a tiny boy or a girl or both as luck would have it. "It takes time, you know" she would often calm him down. And like ever (= And as usual), she demanded that he should buy her luxurious dresses, fancy boots and mink coats, exquisite food and drinks, and a lot of other things that naturally meant plenty of money and more of Ivan's effort to earn it. Ivan still doted on his wife and he was getting out of his way to grant all her wishes. Soon Ivan began to notice that his wife was putting on too much weight, which was good news to him and he asked his wife one day, "Why don't you tell me, darling, you've already got pregnant?" The young woman stared at her husband asking her question, "Where'd you get that idea?" "Your tummy seems to be getting bigger and heavier," replied Ivan. His wife burst out laughing, slapped herself on the belly and said smugly, "It's good living, dear. Just good living." Her husband stood there gaping, unable to say anything else. Their joint life went on...

Баба с возу воза кобыле легче

Ivan's wife's many expensive garments were getting too small for her but she could easily cajole her husband into buying her new ones and that again meant a great deal of money. Moreover, her appetite was also growing in size considerably. In a year, the young woman turned into a fat lady and looked ten years older. Both her slenderness and beauty were evaporated by now, but never her snowballing demands. Ivan loved his wife so far, but this time, he did it by force of habit rather than heart.

It was now the sixth year of their marriage. No baby had been born yet and hardly ever would. Ivan, however, still did his best to help his paunched wife get pregnant and he soon came to the full awaneness that his wife had actually never wanted a child, that she had been living just for herself ever since they got married. Unlike his fat and lazy wife that she had been turning herself into in the last three years, Ivan was on the opposite end of the spectrum; thin as a rail, always feeling tired and terribly underslept. But Ivan was not a complete idiot.

The instant he realised what he had to realise, he changed overnight and could lastly tell his now ugly, voracious and bossy wife a piece of his mind, "You have long been messing me around. That's final! I do not intend to feed your big mouth and buy you expensive things any further. All these years, you've been cheating me, using me, making me work for you like a galley slave. You've never wanted to have a baby. When did you last look at yourself in the mirror, I wonder? Your fat ass has become three times wider than the toilet. Here, look at this picture. Look how slim and beautiful you were mere 6 years ago. I've had enough to the back teeth, indeed. This is my place because I bought it with my own money. So I'm driving you out of here once and for all. Yes, I am! Now! Pack up your things and go back to your parents. Seriously, dear, you are a good riddance of bad rubbish to me!" ... In an hour, the fat lady left the house. All's well that ends well.

From now on, Ivan swore to never marry a human female again. Instead, he bought himself some necessary smart electronic devices to help him keep the house like a robot cleaner, a microwave, a dishwasher, a huge fridge and an electric car. But the most important acquisition that the young man got was a beautiful sex doll that would never get old or put on any weight at all and will never ever make scenes during the whole lifetime or nag him demanding a new pair of gold rings or whatever. As for a child that Ivan had long wanted, he took a cute one-year-old boy from an orphan asylum and adopted him. And they all lived happily ever after.


with quite a happy ending for Ivan and a rather sad ending for his greedy and selfish ex-wife

Муж и жена - одна сатана.

муж и да жена одна сатана плоть и кровь

Here's more about this gruesome-twosome:
Здесь больше об этой сладкой парочке:

1. Муж и жена - одна сатана.

Означает, что муж и жена делают все вместе (или) сообща ради того, чтобы их общее благосостояние процветало и счастливо росли их дети, и все свое они готовы защищать от посягателей, как сатана защищает свой ад.

А как это на английском языке?
Да проще пареной репы, если учишь правильный курс разговорного английского языка Александра Газинского и Ольги Бондаренко:
What's the English for it?
(It's an) Easy pie if you're learning the proper course of spoken English by Alexander Gasinski and Olga Bondarenko (aka) Sinenko:

Husband and wife live the same life.
= Husband and wife are finger and thumb.
= Husband and wife have the same interests and views.

букв. Муж и жена живут той же самой жизнью.
= Муж и жена (есть) палец и большой палец.
= Муж и жена имеют те же интересы и взгляды.

быть под каблуком

2. Муж да жена - одна сатана.

Behind every great man there's a great woman.
= Husband and wife are indeed of the same breed.

букв. За каждым великим мужчиной есть великая женщина.
= Муж и жена есть действительно и того же хлеба. (Русский эквивалент: сделаны из одного теста)

3. Муж и жена - одна плоть и кровь.

Husband and wife are one bone (and) one flesh.

букв. Муж и жена (есть) кость и плоть.

PRIEST: I now proclaim you husband and wife. May you live long to be a hundred or even longer and may you die together with a happy smile on your lips! Never forget that husband and wife are one bone one flesh. Husband and wife are finger and thumb. Make much love and give birth to many kids. God Bless you!

Александр Газинский, автор данного сайта и преподаватель разговорного английского языка в Москве метро Южная

СВЯЩЕННИК: И сейчас я объявляю Вас мужем и женой. Живите долго до ста и более лет и умирайте вместе с частливой улыбкой на Ваших губах! Всегда помните, что муж и жена - одна плоть и кровь. Муж и жена - одна сатана. Много занимайтесь любовь и плодите много детей. Да благославит Вас Бог!


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