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American Karabas-Barabas and English Baba Yaga

How Donald Trump and Theresa May
laid an egg in their attempt to sting Russia

A modern-time fairy tale
by Alexander Gasinski

Sounds very much like a political saga
The source:

Once upon a time early in the 21st century, there lived some vicious American Karabas-Barabas (otherwise known as Donald Trump) and his double-tongued English witch Baba Yaga (also known as Theresa May). So like you can see, they were of different types as to their gender and they lived in different countries: Donald the Karabas-Barabas in America and his adorable witch May the Baba Yaga in England, but as for their dispositions, they were spit and image. Both were horribly avaricious, absolutely cynical and they similarly hated all those who were below them socially. By the way, Karabas-Barabas became the 45th President of the United States in 2017 and Baba Yaga had succeeded to grasp the British Prime Minister’s office the year before. That fact could not help but prove that they both hated all the human beings in the world. At nights, English Baba Yaga would jump out of bed like mad and start shouting at the top of her lungs: “How I hate all humans! I even despise the British Queen and I shall have her killed eventually and become the Queen of the World! The only creature I can still tolerate is Donald Trump whom I’m now discreetly using to reach all my objectives!” Nearly the same would frequently occur to American Karabas-Barabas. He could be repeatedly seen trudging round the White House at the dead of the night bottle in hand hollering like hell: “D-damn you all, lowlife h-humans! I’m the only m-master of the world. I’m the Am-merican President today, but t-tomorrow I will make the P-president of the Earth. Ye-e-e-s, I will!” Karabas-Barabas’ butlers would often than not find their horizontally oriented boss early in the morning sprawling somewhere downstairs being drunk as a Lord and indecently pissed all over.

Narated by Alexander Gasinski, BTC English author
Рассказывает Александр Газинский, автор курса BTC English

American Karabas-Barabas and English Baba Yaga

This world's sure gone crazy if such freaks are rulling it.
Этот мир явно сошел с ума, если им рулят такие придурки.

So these two unsavory characters had long put their heads together plotting to conquer the whole planet by hook or by crook. And they might have already made their wicked designs a reality but for Russia, the biggest ever state in the world that stood in their way both politically and militarily. And American Karabas-Barabas with his obedient English Baba Yaga unleashed an undeclared war against the Russians expending every effort and all the dirty tricks ever imaginable. They staged a coup in Ukraine for a start for the purpose of driving a wedge between the two fraternal peoples. The Russians and the Ukrainians had lived in peace side by side for centuries and it seemed that nothing could have ever destroyed their friendship but it befell regrettably. A murderous war broke out in Donbass, a Ukrainian highly industrial region that shared borders with Russia. To prevent another hot spot, Russia did all it could to bring back into its fold Crimea, that paradisal peninsular, which had been illegally transferred to Ukraine in 1954 during the Soviet rule but had always been part of Russia ever since 1783. The instant Crimea became Russian again and so did actually Donbass, American Karabas-Barabas and English Baba Yaga flew into a rage because of their foreign policy reverses. No prize for guessing that they had been plotting to set up their nukes closer to the Russian borders. Karabas-Barabas and Baba Yaga failed this time but their artful designs were both measureless and termless.

Losing the opportunity of making Crimea their forward stronghold, these two big villains started to place different sanctions on Russia with a view to undermine Russian economy but they failed again just brilliantly. On the contrary, stupid Donald Trump (American Karabas-Barabas) and this muftari Theresa May (English Baba Yaga) helped Russia to substantially boost its economy like never before. As a result, the Russian military might increased ten fold.

(арабское) a muftari ['mafteri] - лживый выдумщик, лжец, измыслитель

It is worth mentioning now that good old English proverb: Curses like chickens come home to roost. Otherwise said as: Harm set, harm get. But such harpies like Donald Trump and his political buddy Theresa May could hardly get this proverb’s sense. All they could do adroitly enough was to play more dirty tricks upon Russia. Next, they plotted to have Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 crashed in Eastern Ukraine on July 17, 2014. All Western media began immediately barking in chorus that it was Russia to blame. The fake investigation was naturally run by American Karabas-Barabas and English Baba Yaga. It had been years since that human tragedy. Now look up the calendar and ask them you know who this question: “Where is any evidence that Russia was involved in that horrifying crash that ended up all the 298 lives on board?” The answer still does not exist, but we all know who are behind those atrocities. It is always easier to do ill rather than good to achieve one’s goals, and Donald Trump and Theresa May had long chosen to do ill because they both wanted to make America and England great again at the expense of other countries and nations. It was these two political monsters who gave the go to start bombing Libya and later Yugoslavia. Shortly after, Karabas-Barabas and Baba Yaga chose their next victim, Syria that was rich in oil, but something went wrong. Russia could not bear those two political gangsters and their Western mutts anymore. Russia marched its limited Army contingent into Syria literally overnight and thus prevented the country from collapsing. You should have seen American Karabas-Barabas and English Baba Yaga gaping and heard them hollering the moment they found the news! They went off into hysterics with even a greater facility! In revenge for their bad luck, they plotted another more sophisticated treacherous plan against Russia. There were a few Russian traitors in America and England, and smart Donald and May decided to have one of them poisoned but make it look like it was Russia’s involvement again. So these two Anglo-Saxon rascals cynically made up their mind to have Skripal killed, the former Russian KGB agent. And they put their vile plan into practice, and once again Russia was to blame.

a harpy ['ha:pi] - хищник, жестокий/алчный человек, грабитель, стяжатель; сварливая женщина, ведьма

But something had to give sooner or later for it could not last forever. The pitcher goes once too often to the well and gets broken at last. It was Mr. Putin who put an end to the Anglo-Saxon rogues in question when his and all the Russians’ patience had run out completely. Mr. Putin, the greatest ever Russian leader since the Gorbostroika (better known in the West as the Restructuring), gave those long-awaited orders to his military to launch just enough hypersonic missiles towards Russia’s enemy countries. The orders were promptly carried out. Five nukes covered England and about fifty hit the USA turning those unfriendly lands into radioactive ashes. But Russia spared all the other European countries. After all, although they were Karabas-Barabas’ cowardly obedient mutts, they were absolutely harmless to us militarily. Besides, the Europeans had always been our closest neighbours and we must live with them all in a peaceful way.

So, there is no more vile America today! Nor there exists highly likely lying England, either! And the whole world could lastly live happily ever after without those hell-raisers!

The end

Russia has never started any wars, but always ended them getting itself still newer territories in return for being attacked. No wonder then why Russia is so huge nowadays!

Вот так уже скоро будет выглядеть политическая карта мира, если Запад не перестанет демонизировать Россию.

Политическая карта мира уже в скором будущем

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