Факты говорят сами за себя кто был лучше Ельцин или Сталин Кто есть кто

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Факты говорят сами за себя Путин Медведев возлагают цветы Ельцину

Путин Медведев возлагают цветы Ельцину под покровом ночи вдали от людей
a sot = a soaker алкаш, алкоголик, забулдыга

Факты говорят сами за себя Многие россияне любят уважают товарища Сталина

1. Россия сегодня разделилась на два лагеря. Кто был лучше или хуже Борис Ельцин или Иосиф Сталин?

Nowadays Russia is devided into two groups. Who was better or worse Mr. Boris Yeltsin or Mr. Joseph Stalin?

2. Кто есть кто? Факты говорят сами за себя.

Who is who? The facts speak for themselves.

3. Кто есть кто? Факты говорят сами за себя. Просто посмотрите на те 3 картинки вверху.

Who's who? The facts say for themselves. Just look at those 3 pictures above.

My mother was born in 1929 near Rostov-on-Don in Oksay. She would often tell me that the prewar life was nice and quiet under Mr. Stalin's rule because no one in her family interfered with politics. My relatives just worked peacefully and happily on their plot of land. But for the Great Patriotic War that broke out on the 22d of June in the year of 1941, such earthly life might go on like that forever. This bloody war lasted for about four years till May 9, 1945. Unfortunately, mum had to live under the nazis for about six months. After the war, she worked at the RosSelMash Plant in Rostov-on-Don as a worker. She worked honestly and enthusiastically just like most average people did at that time. Mr. Stalin was still in office, and according to my mother, honest people lived well enough. Mum earned decent wages and monthly bonuses. Often than not during big parades, her portrait was carried alongside with Mr. Stalin's portrait. There were many such workers who deserved that kind of honour. Thanks Goodness, my mother is still alive and she still regrets that Mr. Stalin had to die so abruptly. It was rumoured, she says, that he was obviously poisoned.

P.S. Politics, like it's often said, is a pretty dirty business, but if you live your own life doing things for both your country and your family, you feel truly happy in this world. That way, not a single vile politician will ever harm you. I do bet it's just like that. So stay away from politics if you ever want to live to be a hundred and more. Today is the 8th of March, 2019 and my mum is shotly turning 90 years old.

Alexander Gasinski

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