поднимать вонь много вони to raise stink

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поднимать вонь много вони to raise stink

And again another Yankee is raising a lot of stink.
И снова очередной пиндос поднимает много вони.

Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson called for the US to go on the offensive against Russia and China as the great power US adversaries use their navies in increasingly aggressive land, sea, and power grabs. In 2014, Russia illegally annexed Crimea from Ukraine with military force. In November 2018, Russia's navy attacked and took custody of Ukrainian sailors while briefly shutting down Ukrainian access to the Sea of Azov, which Crimea separates from the Black Sea. Also, as Russia bolstered Syria's shaky regime during its 8-year-long civil war, it's grown its naval presence in the Eastern Mediterranean. Richardson said the US has to think about "not only responses in pushing back, but how do we push first in a couple of areas? I think it would be great if we could get folks, Russians, some of these competitors to respond to our first move. There's an advantage every now and then to playing the white side of the board, but in all fairness, Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm really scared shitless of the Russians' activity throughout the world. China's too. If it goes on like that, America will shortly face its fucking end. Oops! Could anyone indicate the nearest crapper to me, please?"

P.S. Actually, what this chickenshit general means to say in brief is: "The US will let out a loud fart and get scared shitless first thing we see either Russian or Chinese ships."

1. поднимать вонь (и убегать в сортир)
В смысле поднимать шум, шумиху, хайп

to raise a stink (and flea to the john)

букв. поднимать вонь (Игра слов: и убежать на толчок)

2. поднимать много вони

to raise a big stink
= to raise much (= a lot of = lots of) stink
= (Slang) to raise a lotta (= lotsa) stink

букв. поднимать много вони

3. Когда кто-либо по отношению ко мне поднимает много вони, я просто поворачиваюсь и ухожу. В конце концов я ведь хочу дожить до ста лет.

Whenever someone raises a big stink in my presence, I just turn around and walk away. I mean to live to be a hundred (years old), after all.

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