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My full name - Моё полное имя: Venera
Birthday - День рождения: September 26,1978
Occupation - Основная профессия: Teacher of English with the BTC English School
Sex - Пол: Female - Женский
Marital status - Семейное положение: Замужем - Married
Am I a native speaker? - Я носитель английского? Нет. Я татарин/рка. - Tatar
Student/Teacher - Изучаю/Преподаю: Teacher - Преподаю
Started to learn English - Начал/а учить английский: Учу с 25 лет
Overall teaching experience - Полный стаж преподавания: 5 лет
English language level - Мой уровень: Near-native - Почти носитель английского
Registration purpose - Цель регистрации: Найти учеников
Purpose of learning - Цель изучения языка:

My best achievement in English:
Моё лучшее достижение в английском:
Свободно пишу, читаю, говорю на всех стилях: официальном, разговорном и сленге

What triggered my biggest success in learning English:
Что дало мне наибольший эффект в изучении английского:

Which school or courses cheated me
Какая школа/курсы меня обманули

Для изучающих курс BTC English - Срок изучения:
My BTC teacher is - В школе BTC меня обучает: Я обучалась у Ольги Синенко
My registration number is - Мой номер ученика в школе BTC:

ICQ (Сокращение от I seek you. букв. Я вас/тебя ищу.):

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Residence - Место жительства: Moscow, Otradnoe
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1. venerella
5 мая 2013 18:43
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Astounding! What else can I say? I firmly believe that "Breakthrough" the Cool! (BTC for short) is the most effective course of spoken English that has ever been created in Russia and for Russians. The majority of Russian learners are still unaware that native speakers widely use so-called eye-dilect that is part of their common slang. Here I give a few examples of eye-dialect like: woulda, coulda, gotta, wanna, gotcha, helluva, kinda, betcha, I'd've, gonna, D'ya...? and the like. Also, this course teaches its students the Five Confusing English Tenses, which are directly responsible for fluent spoken English diction.

Unmatched professionalisim and a deep insight of the BTC authors make their course work like magic. Top marks throughout the course! It is really beyond compare.

Created by talented and passionate people, this course helps us all overcome fear and embarrassment that result in students' misunderstanding and utter confusion as they vainly tried to learn English in their previous schools. The BTC course helps us enjoy correct speaking and understand TV programmes or movies in authentic English.

I personally finished the BTC course in 2008 and shortly after I was offered to work as a teacher within the BTC English School. Five years have gone since then. I can hardly believe it, but it is true. It has been an exciting and rewarding job. I have acquired a tremendous experience both in teaching and studying as well. Having constant feedback helped me understand how successfully my students do in class.

My own passion for English helped me get an MA degree in English specialising in Philology. I also had time to take a Cambridge TKT course. I am not going to stop at that because English is an exciting adventure in my life.

So, join us NOW and you will never feel frustrated about you poor English! Start learning this unique course TODAY before you are still young and you will never regret your choice!