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Автор: Cathy от 16-01-2013, 23:11
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Тема 6: Сослагательное наклонение в английском языке - реальные/нереальные условные предложения.
Topic 6: The Subjunctive Mood - Real and Unreal Clauses in the English Language (Action/Process).

Тема 6: Где и как я научилась бегло употреблять смешанные реальные и нереальные условные предложения - Mixed Real and Unreal Conditional Clauses

Всегда считала, что условные реальные и нереальные предложения в английском, т.е. сослагательные времена (сослагательное наклонение в русском языке): would do, would have done, would be doing, would have been doing - это что-то неподъемное, не говоря уже о модальности: could/should/might do, could have done, should have been doing, ought to have done, ought to have been doing и т.д., и совсем уж не говоря о страдательном залоге: would have been done, could have been being done, ought to have been done и т.п. Я как и многие здесь - ученица школы BTC English и учу этот курс очно/заочно: Учу каждый урок самостоятельно, а затем прихожу в школу и получаю практику речи. У меня уже Урок 9 и реальные нереальные условные предложения для меня - это обычное дело. Все перевожу на английский язык и сама лишний раз получаю практику употребления этой "сложной" грамматики:

Однажды, когда вы освоите реальные и нереальные условные предложения, вы обязательно согласитесь, что ничего сложного в этой грамматике нет. Главное, что мне помогло - это логическое осмысление реальных и нереальных действий и процессов в английском языке. И я благодарна курсу-самоучителю "Breakthrough" the Cool! авторов Александра Газинского и Ольги Синенко.

I guess, I should have long found the course I'm learning now. Had I come across it right then as I was still in school, I would have never understood that I was taught by the school and later college teachers who couldn't speak English. If they'd been able to talk English off-hand and correctly, they would have probably been able to teach English properly to their students, and I might've long mastered English as I should have done, but unfortunately I never did. Who could've thought that English proved to be as simple as that in terms of the Subjunctive Mood? And you ought to be in my place so you could feel what I feel now. I'm literally on cloud nine, I mean I feel really elated since I can so easily use, apply this part of grammar in my everyday life. Sure enough, I might have failed to get such a smooth command of English, had I not stumbled upon the BTC English School in the World Wide Web (the WWW for short) two years previously. And you, Dear Readers, would not have been reading this post of mine for a few minutes now, might have never been wondering how a Russian student could gain such a complicated part of grammar, and so fast as it is. How great it feels to be able to use these Conditional Clauses, doesn't it?! And could you believe me that it's not that difficult at all? Had you happened to be in my shoes two years before, had you found this school in my stead, you'd feel the same. Of that I'm 100 percent sure. You've been reading these lines for some time now, and you must have thought what I had thought long before that it was impossible to learn and use this grammar in your English. Did you really think about it? Did you? ... Tell you again that it's so very easy to get a decent command of the Conditionals providing you have found the right course of English like the one I did a couple of years back. So, I could have never brought myself to write this very posting, and you might have never read something like that if I hadn't been taught proper English at the BTC English School.

Thank you very much, indeed, for taking time to read and listen to my message!

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Ekaterina Medvedeva speaking, BTC English student - Говорит ученица школы BTC English Екатерина Медведева

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